Welcome To Wishing Well

Wishing Well is a locally owned and operated business by Hobart locals, Leesa & Craig Boon.

Wishing Well was born through meditation at a psychic development group that Leesa was a member of.


“During late 2008 I arrived at my group announcing I was very tired and possibly of no use to anyone, then entered the usual meditation space during which Wishing Well arrived, with the name, theme and actual physical location. We researched the location to find that store operating in the Bank Arcade was closing down and the rest is history !”


Trusting in my vision, and a leap of faith, Wishing Well arrived and we operated in the Bank Arcade for 12 years.

We moved to an online only store in December 2020 and continue to supply both old and new customers with quality products.

We stock many products for the mind, body & soul including crystals, gemstone silver jewellery, books, journals, candles, incense and giftware.


A healthy mind is essential for our general health and well being.

We are not only ‘’what we eat’’ but also we are ‘’what we think’’.

The laws of attraction can benefit us if we keep our minds full of healthy positive thoughts and emotions.

Wishing Well has an extensive library to keep your mind both invigorated and also calm.

There are many sections to browse and further your knowledge of spiritual subjects and concepts.

We always stock a range of journals to inspire you in creating your very own books of wisdom.


Our physical body is important to love and respect as it is the vessel for our soul.

Learning to accept and love this vessel can be a constant challenge but essential for a well balanced mind, body and soul. Rest, relaxation and nutrition are ways to honour the body and we stock many books and products to help you on your way.

We hold a range of pure essential oils designed to help us sleep, relax and revive.

We also have essential oil room sprays and soy wax candles to create a beautiful healthy environment to relax in.

Crystals can be placed on the physical body and used for direct healing or held to enhance meditation. Wishing Well has a large range of popular crystals and we specialise in the more rare stones.

These beautiful crystals can also be found set into sterling silver jewellery with many beautiful and varied designs available.


Discovering our soul can be assisted with mastering the art of going within. Meditation is an important step to reaching our higher consciousness and recognising our soul needs.

Honour your spirit with ancient rituals, including smudging with pure white sage, Palo Santo or discover our range of natural incenses.

We have information and products for many spiritual pathways, with the freedom to choose what suits you best. There is also a large range of Wicca products including books and ritual tools.