Products For The Mind

Books & CD's

Our library has numerous titles under many sections including the following;


Angels                                     Healing/Self Help

Animals                                  Meditation

Astrology                                Mediumship

Auras/Chakras                      Numerology

Children/Pregnancy             Past Lives

Crystals                                   Psychic Development

Divination                              Shamanism

Dreams                                   Spiritual Concepts

Fairies                                     Wicca


Cd’s are available for;

Guided meditations


Relaxing music to assist many healing modalities


Our selections include new releases and also the classics from your favourite authors that never seem to date …

Tarot & Oracle Cards

We have a large range of tarot decks ranging from the beginner decks of Rider Waite to more elaborate and decorative decks from many authors and artists.

Oracle decks are more gentle and an easier way of divination and we stock a wide and varied range including the following themes;






Self Help


Workshops & Classes

We will be holding classes for ‘Introduction to Psychic Development’ in the near future. This two hour class will enable students to develop their own intuition. This class will discuss topics such as auras, chakras and energy fields. We will also cover crystal healing and past life concepts with practical exercises.