Products For The Body


Crystals have been coveted for centuries and used for adornment, admiration and healing.

There are various ranges to choose from including, sterling silver crystal jewellery, specimens, tumbled stones and carved crystals.

We have a wide range of crystals, and specialise in rare stones.


Candles and incense can also create a calming effect. We have a choice of pure bees wax, soy and soy blend candles, scented with pure essential oils or cosmetic grade fragrances.

Our incense range carries a white sage option, using only natural ingredients and a lovely gift range of Bodhagaya Incense which has Buddhist themed packaging and is chemical free.

Nutrition & Exercise

Our library can support interest in this area for the physical body and we also have titles for Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.

Essential Oils

A harmonious environment can be achieved by the use of Aromatherapy. Our collection of 100% pure essential oils contain popular choices,  however, we can also order in your favourite.