Products For The Soul

Meditation products

Meditation helps recognise our soul’s needs and we stock many products for this practice.   Discover the world of meditation by reading one of our many books discussing the concept, or, choose a guided meditation cd to help you on your way.  Candles, incense and crystals further enhance your experience.

Natural incenses and resins

Ancient civilisations relied upon ritual as a key to accessing their higher consciousness and enlightenment. White sage is used in cleansing rituals for either a physical location or for personal use. We stock pure white sage as a smudging stick, resin, incense or as a room spray.

Wicca products

Wiccan practice is a form of honouring Mother Earth and we have a range of literature, cards, and varied tools including cauldrons, resins, and coloured candles for ritual use.

Wishing Well promotes a healthy Mind, Body and Soul for genuine happiness.

Visit us to see how we can help you achieve this.